Elmwood Meatplant

Elmwood Meat Plant is a Fourth Generation Custom Butcher Shop. We take pride in our products and services so you will keep coming back year after year.

Our smokehouse products win consistently through the Nebraska Association of Meat Processors.

In addition to our choice meats and our wide variety of homemade sausages and Grand Champion hotdogs, we provide Beef, Pork and Deer processing.

Want a locally raised Beef or Hog? We can recommend local, reputable beef and pork producers!

If you can't find what your looking for give us a call or stop by.

- Chris


We'll process your deer.

Bring your whole deer or boneless Clean, Fat-Free deer trim for sausage and jerky making! Or, bring your Bone-In Hindquarters for Muscle / Slab Jerky!

No frozen trim is accepted before December 1st.

We reserve the right to refuse boneless trim if it isn't clean or properly cared for.